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Total value of Steam game collection today: $546.63 USD.
Total number of Steam games owned: 86.
Total playtime: 408 hours.
The best value for money game in this collection is The Admin that cost only $0.33 per hour.
Now go see the Pile of Shame for 6815iibeso.

SteamID STEAM_0:1:430853744
Member since March 12 2018

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6815iibeso Steam Game Collection

Here are all the Steam games owned by 6815iibeso

Name Time Price Cost/Hour Rating
Portal 2 Sixense Perceptual Pack0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Get Off My Lawn!0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok7.8h$0.00$0.00---
Reversion - The Escape1.5h$0.99$0.99---
Pixel Survivors5.1h$3.99$0.80---
Universal Combat CE0.0h$9.99$9.99---
Penumbra: Necrologue0.0h$0.00$0.00---
The Desolate Hope3.8h$0.00$0.00---
Torn Tales7.1h$10.99$1.57---
Knight Adventure5.0h$0.99$0.20---
The Admin5.6h$1.99$0.33---
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Maker5.6h$9.99$1.67---
Royal Heroes6.6h$9.99$1.43---
VR Regatta - The Sailing Game6.6h$29.99$4.28---
Street Warriors Online0.0h$1.99$1.99---
Through Abandoned: The Forest6.6h$2.99$0.43---
It Comes Around - A Kinetic Novel11.0h$2.99$0.27---
it's always monday0.0h$1.99$1.99---
Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears5.1h$1.99$0.40---
Magic Lantern0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Estranged: Act II0.5h$0.00$0.00---
The Descendant4.6h$14.99$3.00---
Crisis in the Kremlin8.1h$4.99$0.62---
Null Vector0.0h$4.99$4.99---
One Eyed Kutkh0.5h$2.99$2.99---
Royal Offense6.6h$9.99$1.43---
Project First Contact4.5h$2.99$0.60---
The Drone Racing League Simulator0.0h$9.99$9.99---
Grand Expanse0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Fantasya Final Definitiva REMAKE3.8h$0.00$0.00---
Drums Hero PC6.1h$4.99$0.83---
Disco Destruction6.2h$4.99$0.83---
The Pillage0.5h$2.99$2.99---
The Archotek Project0.0h$4.99$4.99---
Cat Burglar: A Tail of Purrsuit0.5h$0.00$0.00---
Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall18.0h$5.99$0.33---
Way Out0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Kolb Antarctica Experience0.0h$2.99$2.99---
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit4.8h$0.00$0.00---
Replace of the Reality beta1.0h$0.00$0.00---
Slum Ball VR Tournament6.1h$14.99$2.50---
HITMAN™ 29.7h$0.00$0.00---
东方大战争 ~ Touhou Big Big Battle0.5h$0.00$0.00---
Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest - Episode 10.5h$0.00$0.00---
BROKE PROTOCOL: Online City RPG7.0h$4.99$0.71---
For Honor13.3h$11.99$0.92---
The Tiny Bang Story6.5h$4.99$0.83---
Hyperdrive Massacre2.5h$9.99$5.00---
Murderous Pursuits5.0h$9.99$2.00---
DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition8.3h$4.99$0.62---
Company of Heroes 24.9h$19.99$4.00---
I’m not a Monster1.5h$10.99$5.50---
Conqueror's Blade0.5h$0.00$0.00---
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion7.1h$39.99$5.71---
Geneshift: Battle Royale Turbo10.3h$14.99$1.50---
A Story About My Uncle4.7h$14.99$3.00---
Agents of Aggro City Online8.1h$0.00$0.00---
Kathy Rain4.5h$14.99$3.00---
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition6.2h$14.99$2.50---
AppGameKit Classic0.5h$79.99$79.99---
Ball laB0.5h$2.99$2.99---
GRID 20.5h$0.00$0.00---
Merry Snowballs0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Team Fortress 299.3h$0.00$0.00---
Dota 23.7h$0.00$0.00---