What is JumpJet Rex?

JumpJet Rex is a Indie, Platformer, Action PC game, developed by TreeFortress Games, available on Steam and published by TreeFortress Games.

Test your dinosaur jump-jet skills with a game that redefines the platformer genre, aptly renaming it "platflyer." Simply put, you're a t-rex with rocket boots trying to save earth from an incoming asteroid. Do you have what it takes to stop it?

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JumpJet Rex PC release date

The release date for JumpJet Rex PC game on Steam: 21 Apr, 2015

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According to Steam user reviews, 0% of the 0 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. For all time, 0% of the 0 user reviews for JumpJet Rex are positive.

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Requires Windows, Mac, Linux/SteamOS